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Security Policy employs SSL technology for your purchasing transactions. When entering sensitive and private information during our ordering process you can be assured that this information is kept private! This is the same technology used by major financial institutions for their online banking services.
Once your transaction is completed through the SSL connection your confidential credit card information is NOT retained or stored in any way by
The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol provides these essential features:
  • Confidentiality Confidentiality is the ability to keep communications secret from parties other than the intended recipient. It is achieved by encrypting data with strong algorithms. The SSL protocol provides a secure mechanism that enables two communicating parties to negotiate the strongest algorithm they both support and to agree on the keys with which to encrypt the data.
  • Integrity Integrity is a guarantee that the data being transferred has not been modified in transit. The same handshake mechanism which allows the two parties to agree on algorithms and keys also allows the two ends of an SSL connection to establish shared data integrity secrets which are used to ensure that when data is received any modifications will be detected.
  • Authentication Authentication is the ability to ascertain with whom you are speaking. By using digital certificates and public key security, CORBA client and server applications can each be authenticated to the other. This allows the two parties to be certain they are communicating with someone they trust. The SSL protocol provides a mechanism that can be used to authenticate principals to a BEA Tuxedo domain using X.509 digital certificates. The use of certificate authentication can be used as an alternative to password authentication.
Customer Accounts
Information that you enter when creating your customer account such as your name, billing\shipping address and phone number is securely stored in's secure customer database, credit card information is NEVER stored. You as our customer are key to our business and we are committed to your privacy. We will never sell, share nor disclose in any way your customer information to anyone. Your customer account is a convenient way for you to quickly place an order and also to check your order status and ordering history.

The RapidSSL Certified Secure Site Seal
By displaying this seal on the site we are saying that we take your security seriously. Your online transaction will be secure, confidential and integral and you can be confident that we have removed the risk associated with making purchases over the Internet.
In order to obtain this seal has submitted documentation (Articles of Incorporation, business license etc.) and has been validated by RapidSSL's certification authority Comodo SSL. Comodo is one of the few Certificate Authority to undergo KPMGs annual audit to certify trusted practices.

Secure Ordering Process
The chart below describes the steps that occur behind the scenes during the ordering process.

Secure Transaction Flow
  • Customer places order.
  • NortheastClothing securely transfers encrypted order information to our merchant account provider over the Internet using a secure sockets layer. Merchant account provider receives order information and performs requested services.
  • Merchant account provider formats the transaction detail appropriately and securely routes the transaction authorization request through its payment gateway to the processor.
  • The transaction is then routed to the issuing bank (purchaser's bank) to request transaction authorization.
  • The transaction is authorized or declined by the issuing bank or card (Discover, American Express, Visa, MasterCard).
  • Merchant account provider returns the message to the NortheastClothing.
  • Issuing bank approves transfer of money to acquiring bank. The acquiring bank, in turn, credits the NortheastClothing's account.