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Why are we a Members only website?

It's actually very simple.. so we can offer you the Lowest wholesale price you will find!

When you create a new member account you will enter some basic information such as your Name, Company Name (if your a company) Billing Address, Shipping Address, Phone and Email Address.  No Credit Card Information can be entered when creating your account, we do not store payment information, ever!

Membership is absolutely Free, with no strings attached.  What happens when you become a member and what are the benefits you ask?

Membership Benefits include... 

  • Once your account is created and your logged in you will see our prices which are "Too Low To Advertise", this is the MAJOR advantage of creating an account with

  • When your done shopping and go to check out, all of the information from your account automatically fills in the information required to check out EXCEPT your payment information, you must enter this information everytime you place an order.

  • You can view all of your purchase history, store multiple Billing and Shipping addresses and quickly re-order any previous order.
  • The information retained is kept confidential and will never be sold, rented or divulged to anyone outside of the merchant services that require it in order for you to make purchases with your credit card or PayPal account and for the order to be fullfilled and shipped from the warehouse. The customer has complete control over his/her information contained in their customer account with options to edit and remove their information at any time, online! See our Privacy Policy

  • Checkout will be much faster!

  • You will never be inundated with promotional emails from us and your email address will never be shared with anyone... period!

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